Goodbye Mister Christie

Date de sortie 04/01/2012 (01h18) Titre original Goodbye Mr. Christie Réalisé par Phil Mulloy Avec - Genre Animation Nationalité Royaume-Uni


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Synopsis Goodbye Mister Christie

Part one of a trilogy about the Christie family, whose absurd and hilarious tribulations were first seen in the 12-part series "The Christies". Here, their very busy daily life is perturbed by the arrival of Ramon, a French sailor with an irresistible charm. He enchants every member of the family and seduces them into sleeping with him; and then the story gets even more twistedWhen Ramon and Mr. Christie meet, we discover that we are actually watching a documentary about the family, and that Mr. Christie has just dropped his pants live on television. But this gesture only increases their spectatorship and makes the family even more famous. The story gets more and more twisted.

critique Goodbye Mister Christie

Critique : Goodbye Mister Christie

L'année commence à peine, les
perspectives cinématographiques s'annoncent alléchantes et pourtant, on sait
déjà qu'il sera difficile en 2012 de trouver

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