Prison sans barreaux

Date de sortie 07/01/1938 (01h12) Titre original Prison sans barreaux Réalisé par Léonide Moguy Avec Corinne Luchaire , Annie Ducaux , Roger Duchesne , Ginette Leclerc , Marthe Mellot , Madeleine Suffel , Alice Cortot , Maximilienne , Gisèle Préville , Marguerite Pierry , Elina Labourdette Genre Drame Nationalité France

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Prison sans barreaux

In a state correctional institute for teenage girls, Madame Appel, the superintendent, rules with an iron fist. The State appoints thirty-year-old Yvonne to evaluate the situation. The young woman is convinced that the girls should feel wanted rather than be constantly subdued and is accordingly determined to make Madame Appel change her methods of education.

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