L'Heure du crime

Date de sortie 23/01/1947 (01h35) Titre original Johnny O'Clock Réalisé par Robert Rossen Avec Dick Powell , Evelyn Keyes , Lee J. Cobb , Ellen Drew , Nina Foch , Thomas Gomez , John Kellogg , Jim Bannon , Mabel Paige , Phil Brown , Fred Aldrich , George Alesko , John P. Barrett , Fred Beecher , Brooks Benedict , John Berkes , Jeff Chandler , Gene Delmont , Johnny Duncan , Matty Fain , Virginia Farmer , Victoria Faust , Adolph Faylauer , I Jerry Frank , Ralph Freedman , Raoul Freeman , Dick Gordon , Jesse Graves , Kit Guard , Robert Haines , Joe Helper , Al Hill , Kenner G. Kemp , Pat Lane , George Lloyd , Cy Malis , Edward Margolis , Charles Marsh , Allen Mathews , Thomas H. O'Neil , Bob Perry , Charles Perry , Robin Raymond , Shimen Ruskin , Carl Saxe , Jeffrey Sayre , Cy Schindell , Sammy Shack , Jack C. Smith , Charles St. George , Bert Stevens , Bill Stubbs , Brick Sullivan , Ralph Volkie , Charles Wexler , George Zouzaniles , Charles Mueller , Kenneth MacDonald Genre Film Noir Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis L'Heure du crime

When an employee at an illegal gambling den dies suspiciously, her sister, Nancy, looks into the situation and falls for Johnny O'Clock, a suave partner in the underground casino. Selfish and non-committal by nature, Johnny slowly begins to return Nancy's affection and decides to run away with her, but conflict within his business threatens their plans. As Johnny tries to distance himself from the casino, his shady past comes back to haunt him.

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