Le Parfait accord

Date de sortie 15/01/1933 (01h20) Titre original Perfect Understanding Réalisé par Cyril Gardner Avec Gloria Swanson , Laurence Olivier , John Halliday , Nigel Playfair , Michael Farmer , Genevieve Tobin , Nora Swinburne , O.B. Clarence , Mary Jerrold , Charles Collum , Peter Gawthorne , Rosalind Fuller , Miles Malleson , Ben Webster , Herbert Lomas , Charles Childerstone , Syd Crossley , Evalyn Bostock , Syd Crossley Genre Drame, Comédie romantique Nationalité Royaume-Uni

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Le Parfait accord

A young couple decide to marry under the condition that they agree never to disagree. That agreement is soon put to the test when the husband finds himself attracted to a beautiful young woman.

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