De l'histoire ancienne

Date de sortie 09/04/2000 Titre original De l'histoire ancienne Réalisé par Orso Miret Avec Olivier Gourmet, Brigitte Catillon, Yann Goven, Stéphane Bierry Genre Drame Nationalité France

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis De l'histoire ancienne

Guy's father was a hero during the French Resistance era but he never talks about it, or so little. When he dies,Guy, his brother and his sister have him incinerated, following a wish their dad had expressed when he was still alive. But Guy soon starts feeling uncomfortable about this move. Haven't they, by cremating the body of their father, make a hero disappear from man's memory? Haven't they used the same method as the Nazis to get rid of the remains of a hated enemy?

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