Peau d'homme coeur de bête

Date de sortie 11/08/1999 (01h40) Titre original Peau d'homme coeur de bête Réalisé par Hélène Angel Avec Serge Riaboukine , Bernard Blancan , Pascal Cervo , Maaike Jansen Genre Drame Nationalité France

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Peau d'homme coeur de bête

After fifteen years of absence, a man returns to his family. Five-year-old Aurelie watches the stranger arrive and develops an immediate affinity with him. Her older sister, however, is very suspicious of the intruder and certain that misfortune will follow. The adults see nothing, but struggle with all their might when tragedy strikes. Naturally, the two girls bear the brunt of the impact. The film is an homage to the distant and primitive world of childhood, which shapes each of us.

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