Un inconnu dans mon lit

Date de sortie 29/08/2005 (02h00) Titre original Stranger in My Bed Réalisé par George Erschbamer Avec Jamie Luner , Chris Kramer , Ivan Cermak , Barbara Fixx , L. Harvey Gold , Alistair Abell , Barbara Niven , Tobias Mehler , Paralee Cook , Fred Henderson , Kwesi Ameyaw , Sean Carey , Dagmar Midcap , Agam Darshi , Heather Keetbaas , Chandra Berg , John Hainsworth , Jena Sharma Genre Thriller Nationalité Canada

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Un inconnu dans mon lit

To escape her abusive spouse, Sarah fakes her own death and flees. Seems like a good plan, right? Sadly, it doesn't take her estranged husband long to get wise and hunt her down. This game between them will turn deadly and it looks like only one will survive.

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