The Terence Davies Trilogy

Date de sortie 01/01/1983 (01h41) Titre original The Terence Davies Trilogy Réalisé par Terence Davies Avec Terry O'Sullivan (III) , Wilfrid Brambell , Sheila Raynor , Phillip Mawdsley , Iain Munro , Valerie Lilley , I Nick Stringer , Robin Hooper , Colin Hignet , Trevor Eve , Robin Bowen , Linda Beckett , Bill Maxwell , Elizabeth Estensen , Malcolm Hughes , Ann Kiesler , Marjorie Rowlandson , I Paul Barber , John Meynell , Brian Ward , Eddie Ross , Dave Cooper , Mark Walton , Mal Jefferson , Lovette Edwards , Rita Thatchery , Jeanne Doree , Chrissy Roberts , Virginia Donovan , Carol Christmas , Angela Rooks , Brian Gilbert , Katharine Schofield , Ron Metcalfe , Lisa Parker , James Wilde , Ron Jones , James Culshaw , Marie Smith , Jim Penman , Gerry Shaw , Mandy Walsh , Paul Oakley , Kate Fahy Genre Drame Nationalité Royaume-Uni

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Synopsis The Terence Davies Trilogy

These three semi-autobiographical short films by Terence Davies follow the journey of Robert Tucker, first seen as a hangdog child in "Children", then as a hollow-eyed middle-aged man in "Madonna and Child", and finally as a decrepit old man in "Death and Transfiguration". Dreamlike and profoundly moving.

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