Date de sortie 04/09/2004 (01h39) Titre original Fracture Réalisé par Larry Parr Avec Kate Elliott , Jared Turner , Tim Lee , Miranda Harcourt , John Noble , Libby Holloway , Jennifer Ward-Lealand , I Michael Hurst , Alistair Browning , Alicia Fulford-Wierzbicki , Sara Brodie , Cliff Curtis , Julian Arahanga , Rachel House , Jed Brophy , John Chalmers , Renee Sheridan Genre Drame Nationalité France

Critique Ecran Large



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Synopsis Fracture

A young solo mother loves her son and his needs are formost, but she still has room in her heart for her very broken brother, even as her fundamentalist mother rejects her. But when the brother is responsible for a woman's broken neck, during his burglary of her house, families are changed as crisis amplifies and at times the young mother seems to be the only adult.

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