Le Palais de la chaussure

Date de sortie 09/06/1916 (00h45) Titre original Schuhpalast Pinkus Réalisé par Ernst Lubitsch Avec Ernst Lubitsch , Ossi Oswalda , Guido Herzfeld , Erich Schönfelder , Hanns Kräly , Fritz Rasp Genre Comédie Nationalité Allemagne

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Le Palais de la chaussure

Sally Pinkus is an German-Jewish boy who takes a job as a shoe store clerk after being expelled from school for goofing around. Soon fired for trying to court the owner's daughter, Pinkus lands another job in a more 'upmarket' shoe salon, only to be fired again, before charming a rich benefactress to fund his ultimate dream: Pinkus' Shoe Palace.

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