Escale à Hollywood

Acteurs et actrices

Frank Sinatra Rôle : Clarence Doolittle
Kathryn Grayson Rôle : Susan Abbott
Gene Kelly Rôle : Joseph Brady
José Iturbi Rôle : Himself
Dean Stockwell Rôle : Donald Martin
Pamela Britton Rôle : Girl from Brooklyn
Rags Ragland Rôle : Police Sergeant
Billy Gilbert Rôle : Cafe Manager
Et aussi :
  • Admiral Hammond Admiral Hammond Henry O'Neill
  • Carlos Carlos Carlos Ramírez
  • Police Captain Police Captain Edgar Kennedy
  • Bertram Kraler Bertram Kraler Grady Sutton
  • Admiral's Aide Admiral's Aide Leon Ames
  • Little Girl Beggar Little Girl Beggar Sharon McManus
  • Radio Cop Radio Cop James Flavin
  • Studio Cop Studio Cop James Burke
  • Hamburger Man Hamburger Man Henry Armetta
  • Iturbi's Assistant Iturbi's Assistant Chester Clute
  • Old Lady (uncredited) Old Lady (uncredited) Mimi Aguglia
  • Salad Cook on Olvera Street (uncredited) Salad Cook on Olvera Street (uncredited) Bobby Barber
  • Sailor (uncredited) Sailor (uncredited) Douglas Cowan
  • Sailor Discussing Lola (uncredited) Sailor Discussing Lola (uncredited) Eddie Hall
  • Bartender Serving Double Scotch (uncredited) Bartender Serving Double Scotch (uncredited) Milton Kibbee
  • Woman (uncredited) Woman (uncredited) Gloria Marlen
  • Cop (uncredited) Cop (uncredited) Robert Emmett O'Connor
  • 2nd Soldier at USO (uncredited) 2nd Soldier at USO (uncredited) Garry Owen
  • Assistant Movie Director (uncredited) Assistant Movie Director (uncredited) Ray Teal
  • Cashier in Café (uncredited) Cashier in Café (uncredited) Paulita Arvizu
  • Sailor Asking Joe to Get Autographs (uncredited) Sailor Asking Joe to Get Autographs (uncredited) Harry Barris
  • Old Doorman (uncredited) Old Doorman (uncredited) Joseph E. Bernard
  • erry Mouse (voice) (uncredited) erry Mouse (voice) (uncredited) Sara Berner
  • Soldier (uncredited) Soldier (uncredited) Steve Brodie
  • Commander (uncredited) Commander (uncredited) Alex Callam
  • Sailor (uncredited) Sailor (uncredited) John Cannon
  • Test Director (uncredited) Test Director (uncredited) James Carlisle
  • Sailor (uncredited) Sailor (uncredited) Wally Cassell
  • Iturbi's Butler (uncredited) Iturbi's Butler (uncredited) I Charles Coleman
  • Sailor (uncredited) Sailor (uncredited) Henry H. Daniels Jr.
  • Hollywood Bowl Janitor (uncredited) Hollywood Bowl Janitor (uncredited) Frank Darien
  • Waitress (uncredited) Waitress (uncredited) Romere Darling
  • Man in Caé (uncredited) Man in Caé (uncredited) Joe Dominguez
  • Assistant Director (uncredited) Assistant Director (uncredited) Lester Dorr
  • Hollywood Bowl Cop (uncredited) Hollywood Bowl Cop (uncredited) Ralph Dunn
  • Woman with Cop (uncredited) Woman with Cop (uncredited) Virginia Engels
  • Sailor (uncredited) Sailor (uncredited) Sam Finn
  • Movie Director (uncredited) Movie Director (uncredited) William Forrest
  • Soldier (uncredited) Soldier (uncredited) Don Garner
  • USO Mother (uncredited) USO Mother (uncredited) Jane Green
  • Sailor (uncredited) Sailor (uncredited) Phil Hanna
  • Phone Operator (uncredited) Phone Operator (uncredited) Lottie Harrison
  • Admiral (uncredited) Admiral (uncredited) Jack Harvey
  • Marine (uncredited) Marine (uncredited) Joe Haworth
  • Mexican Cook (uncredited) Mexican Cook (uncredited) Ben Heideman
  • Old Cop (uncredited) Old Cop (uncredited) Robert Homans
  • Receptionist (uncredited) Receptionist (uncredited) Gloria Hope
  • Sailor (uncredited) Sailor (uncredited) John James
  • Milkman (uncredited) Milkman (uncredited) Nolan Leary
  • Kindergarten Teacher (uncredited) Kindergarten Teacher (uncredited) Ruth Lee
  • Boy (uncredited) Boy (uncredited) Orley Lindgren
  • Assistant Director (uncredited) Assistant Director (uncredited) Jack Luden
  • Lana Turner Impersonator (uncredited) Lana Turner Impersonator (uncredited) Peggy Maley
  • Shore Patrol Officer (uncredited) Shore Patrol Officer (uncredited) Frank Marlowe
  • Giant (uncredited) Giant (uncredited) Lock Martin
  • Hamburger Woman (uncredited) Hamburger Woman (uncredited) Esther Michelson
  • Sailor (uncredited) Sailor (uncredited) Frank Mitchell
  • Waitress (uncredited) Waitress (uncredited) Connie Montoya
  • Passerby (uncredited) Passerby (uncredited) Forbes Murray
  • Sailor (uncredited) Sailor (uncredited) Billy Nelson
  • (uncredited) (uncredited) Bea Nigro
  • USO Mother (uncredited) USO Mother (uncredited) Netta Packer
  • Man with Beard (uncredited) Man with Beard (uncredited) Milton Parsons
  • Cop (uncredited) Cop (uncredited) Lee Phelps
  • 1st Sailor on Pay Phone (uncredited) 1st Sailor on Pay Phone (uncredited) William 'Bill' Phillips
  • (uncredited) (uncredited) Tom Quinn
  • Sailor (uncredited) Sailor (uncredited) Allen Ray
  • Marine (uncredited) Marine (uncredited) Paul Regan
  • Studio Waitress (uncredited) Studio Waitress (uncredited) Renie Riano
  • Jean (uncredited) Jean (uncredited) Sondra Rodgers
  • Waitress (uncredited) Waitress (uncredited) Naomi Scher
  • Sailor (uncredited) Sailor (uncredited) Jerry Shane
  • Waitress (uncredited) Waitress (uncredited) Connie Starr
  • Sailor (uncredited) Sailor (uncredited) Tom Trout
  • Tall Woman (uncredited) Tall Woman (uncredited) Elinor Troy
  • Sailor (uncredited) Sailor (uncredited) Arthur Walsh
  • (uncredited) (uncredited) Jerry Warren
  • USO Mother (uncredited) USO Mother (uncredited) Claire Whitney
  • Ride-Sharing Actress (uncredited) Ride-Sharing Actress (uncredited) Florence Wix
  • USO Mother (uncredited) USO Mother (uncredited) Marjorie Wood


George Sidney Rôle : Director


Isobel Lennart Rôle : Screenplay


Joe Pasternak Rôle : Producer