Le Neveu de Beethoven

Date de sortie 18/09/1985 (01h43) Titre original Le Neveu de Beethoven Réalisé par Paul Morrissey Avec Wolfgang Reichmann , Dietmar Prinz , Jane Birkin , Nathalie Baye , Mathieu Carrière Genre Drame Nationalité France, Allemagne de l'ouest

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Le Neveu de Beethoven

The plot centers around old Beethoven's fixation on the welfare of his nephew, for whom he fought a lengthy custody battle against his brother's former wife. Beethoven thought she was a bad influence on the boy. Sadly, the nephew isn't receptive to Beethoven's "overtures", and resents his boorish uncle's efforts on his behalf. The nephew is a complete nonentity, lacking in both interest and talent. He seems to wish only to be left alone.

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