Promises Written in Water

Date de sortie 07/09/2010 (01h15) Titre original Promises Written in Water Réalisé par Vincent Gallo Avec Vincent Gallo , Delfine Bafort , Lisa Love , Sage Stallone , Hope Tomaselli , Brenda Epperson , Livia Treviño , Patrick O'Connor , Nathalie Love , John Brandon Genre Drame Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Promises Written in Water

Kevin is a long-time, professional assassin, specializing in the termination of life. Mallory is a wild, poetic, beautiful young woman confronting her terminal illness and eventual suicide. She reaches out to Kevin to take responsibility for her corpse once she passes, requesting his protection of her dead body’s dignity until her cremation. Kevin’s acceptance of this request causes uncomfortable self-reflection and changes the lens through which he views death.

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