Apology : Confessions criminelles

Date de sortie 27/07/1986 (01h38) Titre original Apology Réalisé par Robert Bierman Avec Lesley Ann Warren, Peter Weller, George Loros, John Glover, Jimmie Ray Weeks, Charles S. Dutton, Skye Bassett, Garrett M. Brown, Ellen Barber, Reathel Bean, Chris Noth, Diana Reis, Joe Zaloom, Jay Devlin, Harvey Fierstein Genre Suspense Nationalité États-Unis, Canada

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Apology : Confessions criminelles

For her upcoming exhibition, "Apology," Lily, a New York conceptual artist, is designing a sound and sculpture installation inspired by the testimony of anonymous phone callers who, after responding to a public advert inviting them to spill their guts, leave messages on her answering machine. When one caller confesses to a murder, Lily begins to suspect that the mystery man may be intending a little "performance" of his own: her death.

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