Walk the Walk

Date de sortie 20/11/1996 (01h55) Titre original Walk the Walk Réalisé par Robert Kramer Avec Jacques Martial, Laure Duthilleul, Betsabee Haas, Eliane Boisgard, Jacqueline Bronner, Jean-Quentin Chatelain, Aline Pailler, Benjamin Ritter, Silvia Gautschi, Natacha Batrak, Ivan Volev Genre Comédie dramatique Nationalité France, Belgique, Suisse

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Walk the Walk

I saw this happen : Raye left home. Why ? To see what was waiting for her out there. Europe ! It didn't matter where she went, the Mediterranean coast, Strasbourg, Zurich, Berlin, she's young. Then her father, Abel, left. Perhaps he wanted something else to happen to him. Things began to happen on the ship, but Odessa is where it really began. So Nellie was left there alone. Maybe she couldn't have said it, but that's what she needed. I mean, to be alone with herself. That's why she sent Raye and Abel away. So without moving, with everything around her moving very fast and also in the microscope which is her work, Nellie had her own trip to make. As for this kind of travelling, that's what each of us did. I know, I was there.

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