Le Retour de Chandu

Date de sortie 01/10/1934 (03h28) Titre original The Return of Chandu Réalisé par Ray Taylor Avec Bela Lugosi , Maria Alba , Murdock MacQuarrie , Clara Kimball Young , Dean Benton , Phyllis Ludwig , Lucien Prival , Cyril Ambrister , Wilfred Lucas , Josef Swickard Genre Aventures, Fantasy Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Le Retour de Chandu

Chandu consults his crystal ball and sees that Nadji, Princess of Egypt, is in danger. She is about to be sacrificed by the black magic cult of Ubasti. Headed for the magic island of Lemuria, he is shipwrecked , washed ashore and captured. He becomes invisible, escapes and after numerous detours is able to rescue the princess.

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