Red evil terror / Robe de sang

Date de sortie 08/08/1990 (01h40) Titre original I'm Dangerous Tonight Réalisé par Tobe Hooper Avec Mädchen Amick, Anthony Perkins, Dee Wallace, R. Lee Ermey, Daisy Hall, Corey Parker, Natalie Schafer, Jason Brooks, I William Berger, Mary Frann, Stuart Fratkin, I Jack McGee, Ed Trotta Genre Horreur, Suspense Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Red evil terror / Robe de sang

An ancient Aztec cloth with a curse accidentally finds its way into the possession of a young woman. She decides to make a dress from the cloth. Whoever wears this cloth/dress comes under its spell; all inhibitions and moral responsibilities are lost.

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