Crocodile - Les machoires de la mort

Date de sortie 28/06/1979 (01h32) Titre original Chorakhe Réalisé par Sompote Sands Avec Nard Poowanai , Tanny Tien-Ni , Angela Wells , Kirk Warren Genre Horreur, Aventures Nationalité États-Unis, Thaïlande

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Crocodile - Les machoires de la mort

Dr. Akom and Dr. Roger are planning a family vacation at the beach, but their trip turns to tragedy when three people from their family turn up missing. After the bodies are discovered, the Doctors examine the remains of their family members and determine a giant crocodile had ripped through their bodies. They set out to destroy the crocodile at all costs, Dr. Akom hires an expert to kill the beast but it is too large to be hunted and trapped. Soon the giant, ravenous crocodile devours dozens of the local people and after a long search they find the monstrous crocodile, and do everything to blow it to bits.

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