Le Baroudeur

Date de sortie 25/05/1984 (01h46) Titre original Gold Raiders Réalisé par Chalong Pukdeewichit Avec Robert Ginty , Sarah Langenfeld , Sombat Metanee , Krung Srivilai , Rith Luecha , Virgil Riley Runnels, Jr. , Rong Kaomoonkadee , Nappon Gomarachun , Naowarat Yuktanan , Somchai Poom Rong , Pichai Vasnasong , William Stevens , Manop Aswathep , Ron Rittichai , Wasana Sitthiwet , Lalana Sulawan , Sa-Ard Piempongsan Genre Action, Aventures, Guerre Nationalité Royaume-Uni, Thaïlande

Critique Ecran Large



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Synopsis Le Baroudeur

An SOS message is sent out when a plane carrying gold worth $200 million dollars belonging to the free world is brought down somewhere in Thailand, and Robert Ginty is called upon to team up with his old flame Claudia Dubois. Together, they head up a small crack group of six undercover agents who are given the mission to infiltrate enemy lines and recover the gold.

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