Histoire d'un meurtre

Date de sortie 12/11/1969 (01h46) Titre original Once You Kiss a Stranger... Réalisé par Robert Sparr Avec Paul Burke , Carol Linley , Martha Hyer , Peter Lind Hayes , Philip Carey , I Stephen McNally , Whit Bissell , Ann Doran , Kathryn Givney , Orville Sherman , Leoda Richards Genre Thriller, Suspense Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Histoire d'un meurtre

Jerry, a Southern California golf pro is the target for Diana a disturbed young woman who desires the death of her shrink, who alone realizes her psychotic potential and seeks to have her committed. She suggests to Jerry that they "swap" murders - she'll kill his golf rival and he'll reciprocate by killing her psychiatrist. When she holds up her half of the bargain, she expects him to follow through with his end.

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