Breaking Glass

Date de sortie 01/10/1980 (01h44) Titre original Breaking Glass Réalisé par I Brian Gibson Avec Hazel O'Connor , Phil Daniels , Jon Finch , Jonathan Pryce , Peter-Hugo Daly , Mark Wingett , Gary Tibbs , Charles Wegner , Mark Wing-Davey , Hugh Thomas , Derek Thompson , Nigel Humphreys , I Ken Campbell , Lowri Ann Richards , Peter Tilbury , Richard Griffiths , Janine Duvitski , Vass Anderson , Jim Broadbent , Michael Kitchen , Jonathan Lynn , Peter Cellier , I Richard Hope , Kenneth MacDonald , Gary Olsen , Gary Holton , Christopher Driscoll , Zoot Money , Harry Fielder , Patrick Murray Genre Drame Nationalité Royaume-Uni

Critique Ecran Large



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Synopsis Breaking Glass

Breaking Glass is the story of punk singer Kate and her meteoric rise to stardom. Starting out in the rock pubs of London, Kate, assisted by her manager Danny, becomes a huge star overnight. Once at the top the pressure is immense as Kate's band are squeezed out and she is left to cope alone in the spotlight.

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