The Blood Bond

Date de sortie 13/05/2010 Inédit en France (01h25) Titre original The Blood Bond Réalisé par Michael Biehn , Antony Szeto Avec Michael Biehn , Phoenix Chou , Simon Yam , Emma Pei , Jennifer Blanc , Dong Fu Lin , Xiao Keng Ye , Kong Kwong-Keung , Cao Shiping , Michael Chai , Mini Lee , Kenny Lo , Andrew Ng (III) , Thomas Ho , Oliver Williams Genre Action, Thriller Nationalité États-Unis, Chine

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis The Blood Bond

In a war-torn Asian land, peace lies in the hands of the Bagwun, a revered religious leader. When he is wounded in an assassination attempt, his sworn protector, Deva, sets out on a dangerous journey to find the one man who can provide the rare blood type needed to save her master's life. The potential donor is John Tremayne (Biehn), an embittered form US Special Forces operative. Together, this unlikely pair must run the gauntlet laid down by rebel leader Lompoc (Yam) and his aide Guang Di (Pei).

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