Madame Butterfly

Date de sortie 30/12/1932 (01h26) Titre original Madame Butterfly Réalisé par Marion Gering Avec I Sylvia Sidney , Cary Grant , Charles Ruggles , Irving Pichel , Helen Jerome Eddy , Louise Carter , Edmund Breese , Sheila Terry , Philip Horomato , Judith Vosselli , Sándor Kállay , Dorothy Libaire , Berton Churchill Genre Drame Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Madame Butterfly

Pinkerton marries Cho-Cho San in Japan, whilst on shore leave. When he leaves, she keeps his Japanese home as he left it. He returns three years later, having married again in America, and tells Cho-Cho that their affair is over. She has had a child in his absence, who is sent to her family, before she kills herself.

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