Fièvre sur la ville

Date de sortie 24/03/1965 (01h33) Titre original Bus Riley's Back in Town Réalisé par Harvey Hart Avec Ann-Margret , Michael Parks , Janet Margolin , Brad Dexter , Jocelyn Brando , Larry Storch , Crahan Denton , Kim Darby , Brett Somers , Mimsy Farmer , Nan Martin , Lisabeth Hush , Ethel Griffies , Alice Pearce , Chet Stratton , David Carradine , Marc Cavell , Parley Baer , James Doohan , I William Hudson , Maurice Manson Genre Drame Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Fièvre sur la ville

Bus Riley returns to his small town after time in the army. On his return, his ex-girlfriend wants to resume their relationship. The only problem is she has married in the mean time. Searching for fulfilment in his life, Bus decides to get a job with his gay friend who is a mortician. When the mortician makes a pass at him, Bus quickly gets out.

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