American gothic / Une affaire de famille

Date de sortie 15/06/2005 (00h24) Titre original American Gothic Réalisé par Carlos Batts Avec Forrest Dunn , Jennifer Kubel , Lillian Centeno , Tricia Winslow , Shari Mapp , Suzanne Hee , Jason Vaughn , Shola Akinnuso , Jones Taylor , Mulu Johnson , Morgan Dupont , Carlos Batts Genre Drame, Horreur, Épouvante Nationalité Canada, Royaume-Uni

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis American gothic / Une affaire de famille

In 1930 Grant Wood won a painting competition with his masterpiece, American Gothic. Although it's considered to be a visual satire on rural American Life, perhaps the story goes deeper than canvas. In this provocative horror tale by accliamed photographer, Carlos Batts, we see a different interpretation of a rural American Family on the 75th Anniversary of Wood's painting, American Gothic. Batts paints his own story and invites us into a world where the old farmer struggles with his crime of passion, the consequences and his iconic fate. A pcture may be worth a 1,000 words, but this painting's story will leave you speechless.

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