Rouge Venise

Date de sortie 20/09/1989 (02h00) Titre original Rouge Venise Réalisé par Etienne Périer Avec Vincent Spano , Wojciech Pszoniak , Isabel Russinova , Massimo Dapporto , Victor Lanoux , Andréa Ferréol , Yorgo Voyagis , Catherine Lachens , Valérie Mairesse , Galeazzo Benti Genre Drame, Musical Nationalité France, Italie

Critique Ecran Large



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Synopsis Rouge Venise

Venice. March 1735. The carnival is in full swing Everybody's happy mood and the lively streets are filled with musicians, mimes, clowns and acrobats of pickpockets who practice their craft each, displaying a colorful rainbow and sounds. At every corner, there is something going on that should not be missed - especially if it's something forbidden. However, some people are concerned about something else. One is Carlo Goldoni young lawyer of 27 years, he dreams only theater and he thinks only the part that wants to ride. Alas, the money was also hard to find at that time than now. His two friends, Antonio Vivaldi and Gian Battista Tiepolo are better known than him but they are also looking for this rare bird: a patron, who was not on ONLY the desire but also the means to sponsor a work of art.

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