Date de sortie 13/06/1952 (01h50) Titre original Duende y misterio del flamenco Réalisé par Edgar Neville Avec - Genre Documentaire, Musical Nationalité Espagne

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Flamenco

Title changed to "Flamenco" when it was first released in the USA in 1954, this is a program of Spanish songs and dances with the emphasis on "flamenco" or gypsy contributions. The USA version has an English narrative written by Walter Terry, the dance critic of the "New York Herald Tribune" newspaper. Heading the cast are Antonio (I), Pilar Lopez and Maria Luz, three of Spain's foremost dancers of the time, accompanied by members of the Ballet Espanol. Filmed in Cinefotocolor in which orange and blue dominated, a combination that should appeal to the fans of Auburn University athletic teams. Distributed in the USA by Martin J. Lewis.

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