Le Justicier de Boston

Date de sortie 09/04/1986 (01h35) Titre original A Case of Deadly Force Réalisé par I Michael Miller Avec Richard Crenna, John Shea, Lorraine Toussaint, Francis X. McCarthy, Tate Donovan, Anna Maria Horsford, Anthony Heald, Dylan Baker, Michael O'Hare Genre Drame, Policier Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Le Justicier de Boston

Fact-based story about a 1975 cover-up of a shooting by two white members of the Boston Tactical Unit. While on stakeout on a suspected getaway car used in a armed robbery, the two gunned down a black man who entered the car. The two claimed the man had a gun and they shot in self-defense. Police investigation decided it was a rightful shooting. The man's widow knew her husband would not be carrying a weapon and became determined to prove her husband's innocence. She hired a former cop who had become a lawyer to prove her case. Working with his four sons, the lawyer team takes on the police force in what eventually proved to be a landmark legal decision. Written by John Sacksteder

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