The Night Caller

Date de sortie 13/07/1998 (01h31) Titre original The Night Caller Réalisé par Robert Malenfant Avec Shanna Reed , Tracy Nelson , Mary Crosby , Cyndi Pass , Eve Sigall , Howard S. Miller , Christopher Kriesa , Zack Hopkins , Luisa Leschin , Rance Howard Genre Science-fiction, Horreur Nationalité Royaume-Uni

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis The Night Caller

For 11 years, Beth's life is limited to working nights in a convenience store while her daytime hours are spent caring for her bed-ridden, bitter and abusive mother. All that keeps her going is a voice on the radio of a psychologist, Dr Roland. Her obsession grows to the point where nothing, not even murder, will stop her from getting to the woman she desires!

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