L'Homme d'octobre

Date de sortie 28/08/1947 (01h35) Titre original The October Man Réalisé par Roy Ward Baker Avec I John Mills , Joan Greenwood , Edward Chapman , Kay Walsh , Joyce Carey , Catherine Lacey , Adrianne Allen , Felix Aylmer , Frederick Piper , John Boxer (II) , Patrick Holt , George Benson , Jack Melford , Esme Beringer , Ann Wilton , James Hayter , Frank Ling , Juliet Mills , George Woodbridge , Philip Ray , Edward Underdown , John Salew Genre Thriller, Suspense Nationalité Royaume-Uni

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis L'Homme d'octobre

Jim Ackland, who suffers from a head injury sustained in a bus crash , is the chief suspect in a murder hunt, when a girl that he has just met is found dead on the local common, and he has no alibi for the time she was killed.

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