L'Extraordinaire évasion

Date de sortie 30/04/1969 (01h42) Titre original Hannibal Brooks Réalisé par Michael Winner Avec Oliver Reed , Michael J. Pollard , Wolfgang Preiss , Karin Baal , Helmut Lohner , Peter Carsten , Ralf Wolter , Jürgen Draeger , Ernst Fritz Fürbringer Genre Action, Comédie, Aventures, Guerre Nationalité Royaume-Uni

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis L'Extraordinaire évasion

A POW in World War II is put to work in a Munich zoo, looking after an Asian elephant. The zoo is bombed by the Americans and the director of the zoo decides it is not safe for his Asian elephant Lucy to remain there. So he sends Brooks to safety with Lucy. They escape and go on the run in order to get to Switzerland.

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