Music by Prudence

Date de sortie 01/04/2010 (00h33) Titre original Music by Prudence Réalisé par Roger Ross Williams Avec Farai Mabhande , Prudence Mabhena , Energy Maburutse Genre Documentaire, Biographie Nationalité États-Unis, Zimbabwe

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Music by Prudence

Music by Prudence tells a self-empowering story of one young woman's struggle who, together with her band, overcomes seemingly insurmountable odds and, in her own voice conveys to the world that disability does not mean inability. In addition to its sheer emotional punch, Music by Prudence has become the cornerstone of an advocacy campaign and has been embraced by the UN, Human Rights Watch and the disability community as an unprecedented portrayal advocating for the rights of persons with disabilities. Prudences poignant, inspiring and irreverent message of hope has received an amazing response from press and audiences all across North America, and has won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Short and several other awards as it continues drawing in more audiences.

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