Carnets intimes de jeune fille

Date de sortie 11/02/1959 (01h32) Titre original Die Halbzarte Réalisé par Rolf Thiele Avec Romy Schneider , Magda Schneider , Josef Meinrad , Carlos Thompson , Gertraud Jesserer , Alfred Costas , Rudolf Forster , Richard Eybner , Helmut Lohner , Erni Mangold , Benno Hoffmann , Guido Wieland , Raoul Retzer Genre Drame Nationalité Autriche

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Carnets intimes de jeune fille

The story of the Dassau family, a family of artists: Frau Dassau is a composer, her husband is a writer, and their children are equally gifted as painters, poets and musicians. But unfortunately, no one wants to invest money in their art. The family is about to starve when Nicole comes up with a marvelous idea: She is going to write the "most scandalous book", the sex memoirs of a teenager. For this, she hides under the pseudonym of Eva. The book becomes an enormous success indeed, but Nicole's parents are decent people, and the public interest in their sluttish daughter begins to bother them. Things begin to get even more unpleasant when Nicole falls in love with an American publisher who'd prefer a virgin…

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