Things Behind the Sun

Date de sortie 30/11/2006 (01h51) Titre original Things Behind the Sun Réalisé par Yuval Shafferman Avec Assi Dayan , Sandra Sade , Tess Hashiloni , Zohar Strauss , Tali Sharon , Anatol Constantin , Rosina Kambus , Slava Chaplin , Hilla Vidor , Yossi Israeli Genre Drame, Musical Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Things Behind the Sun

Now that Itzhak's father is in a coma, and dying, Itzhak is finally willing to visit him, thus breaking a ten-year silence. During his visits to the hospital, Itzhak, a beaten and reserved man, is frustrated to find himself neglected by his own family: his wife, a long suppressed artist whose life's dream is fulfilled that same week; his twenty-seven-year-old son - a "philosopher" still living at home; and his twenty-five-year-old daughter - a tormented lesbian who has had no contact with her family for a long time. Itzhak doesn't realize, though, that his ten year old daughter, Didush, neglected and almost invisible to her family, is secretly visiting her grandfather whom she has never met previously and sets out to discover the old family secret.

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