Promise Her Anything

Date de sortie 22/02/1966 (01h38) Titre original Promise Her Anything Réalisé par Arthur Hiller Avec Warren Beatty , Leslie Caron , Robert Cummings , Keenan Wynn , Lionel Stander , Asa Maynor , Cathleen Nesbitt , Michael Bradley , I Warren Mitchell , Sydney Tafler , Michael Kane (III) , Mavis Villiers , Margaret Nolan , Donald Sutherland Genre Comédie romantique Nationalité Royaume-Uni

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Promise Her Anything

A widowed mother decides to go after the child psychologist she works for because she thinks he'll be able to provide for her toddler, the catch is her employer doesn't know about her son and he doesn't particularly care for children despite his profession.

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