Trois soirées au Plaza

Date de sortie 12/05/1971 (01h54) Titre original Plaza Suite Réalisé par Arthur Hiller Avec Walter Matthau , Maureen Stapleton , Barbara Harris , Lee Grant , Louise Sorel , Dan Ferrone , José Ocasio , Thomas Carey , Jenny Sullivan , Augusta Dabney , Alan North Genre Comédie Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Trois soirées au Plaza

Film version of the Neil Simon play has three separate acts set in the same hotel suite in New York's Plaza Hotel with Walter Matthau in a triple role. In the first, Karen Nash tries to get her inattentive husband Sam's attention to spruce up their failing marriage. In the second, brash film producer Jesse Kiplinger tries to get his former one-time flame Muriel to see him for what he stands for. In the third, Roy Hubley and his wife Norma try and try to get their uncertain-of-herself daughter out of the bathroom before her approaching wedding.

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