Date de sortie 19/01/1942 (01h14) Titre original Fly-By-Night Réalisé par Robert Siodmak Avec Richard Carlson , Nancy Kelly , Albert Bassermann , Miles Mander , Edward Gargan , Adrian Morris , Martin Kosleck , Walter Kingsford , Walter Kingsford , Cy Kendall , Nestor Paiva , Oscar O'Shea , Mary Gordon , Arthur Loft , Marion Martin , Clem Bevans , Milton Kibbee , Gladys Blake , Nell Craig Genre Drame, Thriller Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Fly-By-Night

The innovative direction of Robert Siodmak lifts the inexpensive imitation-Hitchcock Fly By Night well above the ordinary. Richard Carlson plays young intern Jeff Burton, who impulsively offers a lift to an odd-looking gentlemen (Miles Mander). It soon turns out that Jeff's passenger is an inventor has just escaped from a shady sanitarium, where he has been held prisoner by Nazi spies.

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