De la bouche du cheval

Date de sortie 11/11/1958 (01h35) Titre original The Horse's Mouth Réalisé par Ronald Neame Avec Alec Guinness , Kay Walsh , Renee Houston , Mike Morgan , Robert Coote , I Michael Gough , Veronica Turleigh , Reginald Beckwith , Arthur Macrae Genre Comédie Nationalité Royaume-Uni

Critique Ecran Large



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Synopsis De la bouche du cheval

Gulley Jimson is a boorish aging artist recently released from prison. A swindler in search of his next art project, he hunkers down in the penthouse of would-be patrons the Beeders while they go on an extended vacation; he paints a mural on their wall, pawns their valuables and, along with the sculptor Abel, inadvertently smashes a large hole in their floor. Jimson's next project is an even larger wall in an abandoned church.

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