The Case of the Curious Bride

Date de sortie 13/04/1935 (01h20) Titre original The Case of the Curious Bride Réalisé par Michael Curtiz Avec Warren William , Margaret Lindsay , Donald Woods , Claire Dodd , Allen Jenkins , Phillip Reed , Barton MacLane , Wini Shaw , Warren Hymer , Olin Howland , Charles Richman , Thomas E. Jackson , Errol Flynn , Robert Gleckler , James Donlan , Mayo Methot , George Humbert , Henry Kolker , Victoria Vinton , Mary Treen Genre Policier Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis The Case of the Curious Bride

After giving the District Attorney another stinging defeat, Perry plans to take a vacation in China. That is, he was, until Rhoda, his old flame, meets him at a restaurant. It seems that her husband Moxley, who had been allegedly dead for four years, is alive and demanding money as she has married into wealth. The case escalates when the police find the body of Moxley and charge her with the murder.

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