La Nasse

Date de sortie 14/03/1928 (01h25) Titre original Tenderloin Réalisé par Michael Curtiz Avec Dolores Costello, Conrad Nagel, Mitchell Lewis, George E. Stone, Pat Hartigan, Fred Kelsey, Evelyn Pierce, G. Raymond Nye, Dorothy Vernon, Dan Wolheim Genre Policier Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis La Nasse

Rose Shannon, a dancing girl at "Kelly's," in the 'Tenderloin' district of New York City, worships at a distance Chuck White, a younger member of the gang that uses the place as their hangout. Chuck's interest in her is only just as another toy to play with. Rose is unknowingly placed in a position in which she is implicated in a crime which she knows nothing about.

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