Date de sortie 16/03/1933 (01h23) Titre original Secrets Réalisé par Frank Borzage Avec Mary Pickford , Leslie Howard , C. Aubrey Smith , Blanche Friderici , Doris Lloyd , Herbert Evans , Ned Sparks , Allan Sears , Mona Maris , Huntley Gordon , Ethel Clayton , Bessie Barriscale , Theodore von Eltz , Randolph Connolly , Virginia Grey , Ellen Johnson , Florence Lawrence , Broderick O'Farrell , Jerry Stewart , Lyman Williams Genre Western Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Secrets

In the 1860s, Mary Marlowe defies her father's wishes to marry a British lord and runs away with clerk John Carlton as he heads West to make his fortune. Mary and John endure the difficult journey and settle into a small cabin, then face the hostilities of a cattle rustling gang, as well as the tragic loss of their only son. With Mary's help, John defeats the gang, which propels him to political power that, over the years, gradually erodes the once-happy marriage.

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