After Tomorrow

Date de sortie 06/03/1932 (01h19) Titre original After Tomorrow Réalisé par Frank Borzage Avec Charles Farrell , Marian Nixon , Minna Gombell , William Collier Sr. , Josephine Hull , William Pawley , Greta Granstedt , Ferdinand Munier , Nora Lane , John Arledge , Lita Chevret , Ben Hall , Ralph Morgan , Rosa Rosanova , Lucille Ward Genre Drame Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis After Tomorrow

In the Depression, Pete and Sidney are good kids, working hard, giving money to their parents, and engaged for three years while they save to get married. Each has a selfish mother: Sydney's is cold, Pete's is clingy. Sidney's mother is looking for her own happiness, no matter how much that search harms her daughter and long-suffering husband; and, the longer the engagement lingers, the more pressure Pete's mom puts on Sidney to break it off and set her son free. "After Tomorrow" is Pete and Sidney's favorite song, but with illness, poverty, and temptation: will that good day ever come?

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