Date de sortie 01/12/1953 (01h22) Titre original Saadia Réalisé par Albert Lewin Avec Cornel Wilde , Mel Ferrer , Rita Gam , I Michel Simon , Cyril Cusack , Wanda Rotha , Marcel Poncin , Anthony Marlowe , Hélène Vallier , Mahjoub Ben Brahim , Jacques Dufilho , Bernard Farrel , I Richard Johnson , Peter Copley , Marne Maitland Genre Drame Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Saadia

Saadia is a wild, strange Arab girl whose life has been dominated by a local sorceress, a vengeful outcast in the community, who has convinced her she has the "evil eye" and brings disaster to all who love her. French doctor Henrik takes her to his clinic, for rehabilitation purposes, and falls in love with her as does his friend, Si Lahssen, the reigning prince of this small Moroccan state. When a plague falls on the town, Saadia is convinced she is responsible, and rides alone into the mountain country to retrieve the plague serum being held for ransom by bandits. The love triangle dominates most of the rest of the film.

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