La Chanson de mon coeur

Date de sortie 06/09/1930 (01h25) Titre original Song o' My Heart Réalisé par Frank Borzage Avec John McCormack , Alice Joyce , Maureen O'Sullivan , John Garrick , J. Farrell MacDonald , Mary Gordon , Tommy Clifford , Effie Ellsler , J. M. Kerrigan Genre Drame, Romance, Musical Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis La Chanson de mon coeur

Broken hearts in Ireland. Sean is a great tenor, in semi-retirement, living in a village close to Mary, the woman he’s always loved. Mary’s aunt convinced her to marry a man for his money; he has recently deserted her, leaving her penniless. She and her two children, Eileen and Tad, move in with the selfish and austere aunt. Eileen is falling in love with Fergus, a young man who’s off to Dublin to seek his fortune. Sean is drawn out of retirement and goes on tour in America. At his first concert, he’s nervous and out of sorts until the last song, when peace descends on him like a gift. What has happened, and can family life be set right?

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