Les Filles de kohlhiesel

Date de sortie 21/12/1962 (01h40) Titre original Kohlhiesels Töchter Réalisé par Axel von Ambesser Avec Liselotte Pulver , Helmut Schmid , Dietmar Schönherr , Heinrich Gretler , Peter Vogel , Alexa von Porembsky , Franz-Otto Krüger , Adeline Wagner Genre Comédie Nationalité Allemagne

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Les Filles de kohlhiesel

Landlord Kohlhiesl has two twin daughters that nevertheless couldn't be more different: Liesel is beautiful, feminine, sophisiticated, educated and in love with a fellow, Toni, from back home. Ther other daughter, Susi, is clumsy, masculione, never left home and wants nothing to do with men. Liesel would dearly love to marry Tony, but her father refuses to allow the wedding until her sister Susi has found a husband first...

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