Les Yeux de la momie Ma

Date de sortie 03/08/1918 (01h03) Titre original Die Augen der Mumie Ma Réalisé par Ernst Lubitsch Avec Pola Negri , Emil Jannings , Max Laurence , Harry Liedtke Genre Fantastique Nationalité Allemagne

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Les Yeux de la momie Ma

Jannings and Negri are Egyptians involved in a scam milking tourists out of their money, by having the girl lend her eyes to the "mummy" from inside an empty sarcophagus! When a British lord and adventurer comes to visit, she falls in love and leaves with him to England. Needless to say, Jannings – who, naturally, has feelings for Negri himself – follows them (conveniently in the employ of another English aristocrat and friend to Liedtke) in order to exact his revenge.

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