Le Rêve du papillon

Date de sortie 24/03/1994 Titre original Il sogno della farfalla Réalisé par Marco Bellocchio Avec Thierry Blanc, Simona Cavallari, Nathalie Boutefeu, Roberto Herlitzka Genre Nationalité France, Italie, Suisse

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Le Rêve du papillon

This European existential drama utilizes complex symbols inspired by abstract psychological theories to explore the effects and reasons behind a young classical actor's decision to stop talking. No one knows why Massimo has vowed to stop talking. Other than speaking dialog from classical plays, Massimo refuses to say a single word. His father, a classic-literature professor believes it reflects to a disappointing love affair. His new girlfriend thinks Massimo is rebelling against his mother, a poet. A director learns of Massimo and commissions his mother to write a play about him. Though Massimo plays himself in the play, and does speak, he returns to silence when the play is finished.

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