Fous à délier

Date de sortie 01/07/1975 (02h15) Titre original Matti da slegare Réalisé par Sandro Petraglia , Stefano Rulli , Marco Bellocchio , Silvano Agosti Avec Silvano Agosti , Marco Bellocchio , Sandro Petraglia , Stefano Rulli Genre Documentaire Nationalité Italie

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Fous à délier

Via the New York Times: "This documentary was distilled from a 3 1/2-hour television film Nessuno o Tutti, to make the point that many inmates now in mental hospitals could be released without harm to society, and to their advantage. Both patients -- chosen for their ability to talk before a camera -- and sponsors in the community at large are interviewed to promote the concept of the patients' re-integration into the outside world. Three men (Paolo, Angelo, and Marco -- a mentally handicapped youth) talk to the interviewers about their own perspectives, and while the success of the mentally handicapped working at one plant is illustrated, the implied excesses of hospitals run by the Catholic Church are also discussed. Filming was not allowed inside those institutions."

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