Date de sortie 20/06/1997 (01h42) Titre original Bloodmoon Réalisé par Tony Leung Siu Hung Avec Gary Daniels , Chuck Jeffreys , Frank Gorshin , Darren Shahlavi , Nina Repeta , Leigh Jones , Jeffrey Pillars , Brandie Rocci , Keith Vitali , Jen Sung , Joe Hess , Hakim Alston , Ken Kensei , Keith Vitali , Rob Van Dam Genre Action, Kung-fu Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Bloodmoon

Ken O'Hara (Gary Daniels) is a "Mindhunter" - a serial killer specialist enlisted to find the mass murderer (Darren Shahlavi) intent on killing the strongest fighters in New York City. Trying to catch this cunning and clever killer is the hardest assignment Ken has ever had. Now, the moon is rising again and he must use all of his resources to hunt down the murderer....or he may be the next to die.

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