Amour de marin

Date de sortie 17/03/1933 (01h04) Titre original Sailor's Luck Réalisé par Raoul Walsh Avec James Dunn , Sally Eilers , Victor Jory , Sammy Cohen , Frank Moran , Esther Muir , Will Stanton , Armand 'Curly' Wright , Jerry Mandy , Lucien Littlefield , Buster Phelps , Frank Atkinson , Germaine De Neel , Fred Kelsey , Hank Mann , Matt McHugh , Frank Mills , Phil Tead Genre Comédie Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Amour de marin

U.S. sailor Jimmy Harrigan, on shore leave in San Pedro, meets and falls for Sally Brent She promises to wait for him when he ships out to San Francisco, but Jimmy becomes jealous and tells her off when he learns Sally has entered a marathon dance contest sponsored by a lecherous snake named Baron Portola. Along with several of his Navy pals, Jimmy goes to the ballroom the night of the dance marathon, to try to change Sally's mind and win her back.

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